Maltese Puppies MN Sunny Side

Picture Gallery

The following link takes you to a video of Mimi and my Mom’s girl Daisy making their first attempts at learning “sit” and “down” in our kitchen at around 9 weeks old. 

Sweet little Wendy, BELOW and RIGHT.

Wee-Willie-Winkie - brother to Pearl and Gus.  Now at his new home in Owatonna, MN with his half-brother Winkie!

LEFT and BELOW - One of the new kids, Lily, at 4 weeks.

BELOW and LEFT - Peter, at 4 weeks.


Our Pearl.

Me with Mimi, August 2010. 

Kiwi, June 2010.

Our little Gus is Happy at last!  New dad Chris and new mom Shelly – seeing the whole US!  What a lucky boy!


Mimi. 1st place, two days in a row.  7 months old.


Mimi and Dave on our patio.


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