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About Us

When I was a child in the '60s and '70s, my parents raised and showed Maltese, finishing 5 champions (plus an Australian champion), owner-handled. These were the "Boreas Maltese." All our dogs had the run of the house, and we kids thought each one was a member of the family.

In 1967, responding to a need for a handbook on the breed, my Mom wrote and published "The Modern Maltese," which is now a collector's item. Over the next 40 years and many life changes, there were Maltese and Chihuahuas in our lives, and even a pair of Lhasa Apsos, but only one breed at a time. (We absolutely do not believe in "designer breed" dogs, otherwise known as "mutts.")

Then, after several years with no dogs at all, we missed our Maltese, so a pair of sisters named Mimi and Kiwi joined our family. At the same time, my Mom got baby Daisy for her house, and then sent away to a show kennel in Kentucky for 2 beautiful show-quality Maltese from AKC Champion stock -- one of them a boy. All of our  Maltese at both houses have the run the house and a large fenced yard (when there's no deep snow), with a potty place set up for the winter months use when needed. 

are pre-spoiled and sold as PETS ONLY to forever homes. No breeders or puppy mills need apply. Any puppy is sold under a "no breeding, spay/neuter, no resale" contract with a lifetime surrender clause, meaning that a puppy must be returned to us at any time the owner can no longer care for it properly. We don't want "our kids" ending up in shelters.



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